Monday, May 15, 2006

Glass Wall Project

This is a rough recording of a song I did a while back. Haven't had time to polish it (the vocals almost broke up towards the end hahaha! err hmmm). Wait for the bar to load up towards the end..

Glass Wall Project

As the picture fades
Hanging on the wall
On our separate ways
But we see it all

All the years we've known
Giving all this space
If we stay alone
We'll be okay

And I see your stars
They light my way
When we're done and gone
Let's call that longing
A takeaway

How I long to stop
Repeating all my days
Watching all that love
As it goes both ways

We'll be waitin' here
A world each on our sides
And take through the years
Shrink to a day
Before we realize

Chorus 1

We'll keep our longing
Safe and brave


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