Monday, October 30, 2006

Professor X's self help book for the gifted

I'm getting bored. My options are..

1) Sleep it off
2) Make music
3) Buy some self help book (again)

I'm having trouble sleeping, thanks to a built in "dream" cable inside my head, i get weird channels once i hit the sack. (I once got a "Discovery-ESPN" crossover, dinosaurs playing tennis.. )

Music, hmm, I've been doing that quite a lot lately, probably time to let it rest for a while.

So I'm left with one option. I went to Times this lunch and took this off the shelf without so much thinking what I was buying.. actually took me longer to pick one with less folds/creases/dirt and what have you.

Ok he's not exactly your Professor X look alike (if you're still wondering who Professor X is, SHAME ON YOU!!! No I'm not providing you a wiki link this time, loser :P) X-Men's mentor who supposedly perished in X-Men 3: The Last Stand (spoiler aler.. ah nevermind, I'm probably the last soul to have seen it anyway) always has this troubled-oh-man-sooner-or-later-Magneto's-gonna-kick-my-ass look on his face. A true mentor indeed.

This dude on the cover, on the other hand, has a a somewhat comforting smile, and is very confident and proud of his bald head. It's a tactic. You plaster your face on half of the book's cover so onlooking buyers would want to turn the cover page quickly, just so they won't have to see it. He got me.

I quickly scanned the book and he seems to be on to something. Apparently he's also the author of a bestseller book called "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari". An intriguing title. If this one I just bought is good, I might buy that one too. I mean, if a monk can get a Ferrari, what more for a budding IT professional like me right?

I probably need to get a Times discount card.

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