Monday, May 15, 2006


This was a gig in Music Museum with my first band Ledge. From left to right are Mond (lead), Jen (vocals, back vocals), Jonas (drums), me (the dorky looking guy with the baggy pants), Jason (bass), and Raizza (guitars).

I think this was the first original song we did. Obviously I fancy very lonely songs :P

Ashes (full song mp3 link here)

Sitting on the ashes of the world
Making love to please my time
And slowly burning
Waking up to find you
How many times, too many ways
And the world keeps changing

And I feel with the lights left on
I'm hoping that you've run
And I feel with your suitcase gone
You're willing to move on

The bitterness, to end this cup of loneliness
I was all that made you mine
So spin me out in the corner alone
And erase this sh*t that we carved in stone
Won't even try to mend all this pain


Don't let me down
All my feelings my, heart breaking down
All my feelings my, heart's torn around
All my feelings


At 2:04 AM, Anonymous patsy said...

Nice song! :-P

At 9:12 AM, Blogger chris said...



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