Sunday, November 26, 2006

Extra Lice

Halow. Where do I start hehe.

First off, you have to watch "Casino Royale"! It rocks! Plus it has Chris Cornell singing in the intro! If you want an mp3 let me know :D

Ok, to your right are two new services I'm tryin' out. Meebo widgets and Twitter. The meebo widget will be the most truthful source of whether I am online or not :P So kudos to you for knowing my blog address (death to my msn/ym contacts list!). Twitter supposedly is a service that will inform you of your friends' moods/locations/whatever they type on the "Update" panel or send through their cellphone. I intend to use it as a "mobile scratchpad" for ideas I would normally forget when I'm "mobile". Any rantings you may read there are debatable, on the yellow chatterbox :)

I've finally demo-ed my DRM client packager for MCT. They have a lot of new requests for the app, but I think they like it. But with the waging war on DRM, its future could be dim. That's why I'm betting my cards on..

Vista. It's coming out next year to consumers. I've been studying WPF by bits, I should start getting serious. I'm currently getting my feet wet on the Sidebar gadgets. It's not even using WPF. It's just a bunch of your usual html/javascript/ajax plus new "gadget" namespaces. I've created a "radio" sidebar gadget for MCT. It's not yet visually appealing though. And it's not hard to imagine they're creating their own already. In any case, it's still worth pursuing. I've enlisted one of my web designer officemates to design the interface. Will keep you posted.

Am I a mouse killer or what. Mouse #1 went kaput after 3 weeks, faulty IR. Mouse #2 also died on me after a month, faulty left click. So I bought a more expensive mouse this time. Mouse #3 (the silver Kensington) is lined up for the guillotine.

A few weeks ago I bought a pair of drumsticks.

That same day I happily trotted to Tiet, to play drums, by myself. I was trying out 10 Years' "Wasteland". After two hours, my time was up. I went to the counter, and the counter dude recognized me..

"Hey you play for Ling's band right, you sing right? Why are you playing the drums?"

"I uh, was trying to learn"

He laughed, as if my answer was a confirmation of what he was hearing for two hours. I probably turned red, but I was brown to start with, so he probably didn't notice. Hmm, but that didn't keep me from buying this!! (Drum rolllll)

Got this from an expo sale, I don't think it's good, but it's all they have. Bought this as well..

If you can't see the title (thanks to the styro balls), it's "Ping Pong". Apparently it's "#1 Box Office Hit In Japan". I'm a sucker for box office hits, even if all movies claim they're box office hits. It's better than "#1 Movie in America!", which has been abused over and over it's gotten so cliche. I had to get two more VCD's (very retro), because it's a $10 for 3. So I picked up a relatively unknown "Inner Senses" and "Samurai" starring Ken Watanabe and Tom Cruise. I obviously came too late for that expo. (I went there for the Adidas sale anyway, but that too sucked).

I finally got Pin's bass for $130.

Haven't tested it yet. In fact this is the first time I took it out of the case, just for this photoshoot haha! (Check out my "uncle" bed sheet ahehehe) I'm excited to try it to record some stuff. I used to record bass lines using FLStudio. It wasn't that bad, but the real thing should sound better. Thanks Pin, you don't have to worry about me complaining. I don't play bass anyway lol ;)

What I do know though (or at least I think I know) is to write those songs. I am however not very good at it. (Well you be the judge). I've been following melodies through instinct. I feel that the process is selfish, because I gratify mostly myself when creating those melodies. Well yeah there's that "do-whatever's-in-your-heart-and-everything-will-follow" thing, but I'm now dismissing it as a very naive route. I can be incredibly creative (and content) for myself and totally selfish with other people. There has to be some pattern, or a technicality to it, that will bring the process to a whole new level. So I signed up for a songwriting class, starting tomorrow! If the class doesn't turn out to be what I expect, I can always turn into "social" mode, making as many people-connections as I can, that'll probably lead me to the right person. I have long realized that flaw, that I still need to be "pushed" by someone, or something, to get the ball rolling.

Like this book..

I can't say that I don't really need it, but I don't think I've been lacking that "think big" attitude either. I buy/keep them for the sole reason of being a constant reminder of what I want to achieve. Hence, the flaw. These books may be reduced to mere "titles" in the bookshelf, but still they have the same effect of inspiring and moving me. (I am quite worried as well because I've been accumulating these self-help books at an alarming rate, I should get a psychologist instead lol).

Thanks to Ling for lending me this..

The first quote is already a winner.. "I cried because I did not have an office with a door, until I met a man who had no cubicle - Dilbert". Bwahaha! I'm going to enjoy this hehe. I hope she enjoys my "48 Laws of Power" as well, err, not in a humorous way of course lol. (Damn another self-help book)

Hmmm, geek mag..

I have read everything there, except the main article lol! (This is where I found Twitter by the way).

I was out for lunch this morning, and planned on getting fish soup (never though soup will be great with fish on it, until I tried it here in Singapore). For an extra fifty cents, you get rice.

"Wan extra lice?"

I stared at her blankly for about five seconds before I realized she meant "rice".

"Uh NO, definitely not". And her eyebrows met, probably wondering what I meant.

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