Friday, December 01, 2006


Went to Toys 'R Us last Thursday at Tampines Mall. Actually I went there only for the pizza in Pastamania, but figured I'd do some toy window shopping and pretend someone *winks* will actually buy me some of these for Christmas..

For those who watch the old cartoon series, Bumblebee is supposedly a yellow Volkswagen. However in this toy version I think he's a Chevy Camaro(?). Probably to be in sync with the upcoming movie.

Good ol' Starscream niceeee! His design hasn't changed much..

And the uber-villain, revamped nicely too, Megatron..

Hmm, I just realized, these toys can pose very well, unlike the Transformers I had when I was a kid, which were all stiff and straight, so that they can "transform" correctly. Just look at Optimus Prime.. posed for action

For a CHEEEAAAAAP price, you can make a kid happy.

Ahhh Monopoly.. there's a Singapore version??

..then this one must have higher mortgage fees. No thanks lol.

Yey Lego Technic! I started with these when I was in Grade 6. This version was revamped as well.

A cool looking "magnet snap in" figure toy, reminds me of Dungeons and Dragons..

WOw a remote controlled aerial-terrestrial craft!

This raptop is big, I wish they had a demo toy to see this in action..

And of course, Darth Maul's doublebladed saber!

When I got out of the toy store, all stalls were closed already lol. Must've been there for 2 hours! After I got home, reality got the best of me. I unpacked stuff I bought at the Sitex. A boring gray brick called Maxtor.

It's December. I'm getting older again. *sigh* :P


At 4:04 PM, Blogger DK said...

$130 for the new Optimus Prime???

I rather spend slightly more to buy the first edition.

At 9:44 PM, Blogger chris said...

yeah, those older versions tend to be heavier and have more "metal" content in it. if i try to smash my old Metroplex with this new Optimus Prime, the latter would probably shatter into smithereens

At 11:37 AM, Blogger AJ said...

pucha kala ko bumila! luwa mata ko dun sa optimus prime. astig!

bigtime = chris

At 6:59 PM, Blogger chris said...

lupit nga eh, nung tinitignan ko feeling ko gagalaw eh, parang gusto kumawala dun sa box. haha

(shit i have to translate for the benefit of the doubt, lol)

it was awesome, i looked at it and it felt like it wants to come out of the box. haha


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