Sunday, December 10, 2006

And the winner is..

If you recall, I installed Vista on my laptop.. err Amano, and toyed with the idea of doing gadgets (those thingies on the right hand side of the Vista desktop). Anyway, this Microsoft dude who came over to the office mentioned that there's a contest here in Singapore for gadgets. I checked the site and lo and behold, a contest. Ahehe.

A week or two later, I had a working gadget.

It's a radio gadget that plays your favorite Mediacorp radio stations online. There's also a ticker that shows you the current playing song and its artist (not supported for some stations though). I don't listen to radio that much (at least here in Singapore), until this. I've been using this gadget like crazy. With this I don't have to wait for the DJ to mention what song he played or was about to play. Plus, I can turn off the audio anytime and still get updated with the songs currently playing in the station. So if the ticker displays "Dig - Incubus", I can listen to it instantly by clicking play. Sweet!

As a pre-requisite to the contest, I submitted it to Live Gallery. It's here if you want to see it. Props to "Buttercookiez" for helping me out with the design. (She has too many stalkers). Obviously, you can't install this without Vista. That goes for 99.9% of you reading this haha!

Everything was ready for contest submission, but... I WAS NOT ABLE TO SUBMIT IT. The freakin' submit form on the contest site is broken. Deadline was yesterday. I'm having doubts if the contest is still on. I don't see anyone in the Live gallery with a "bog_" tag in it to indicate it's a contest entry. Hmm, I've no need for an HP iPaq (worth $1200) anyway. I can write on my palm anytime (yes, my palm as in the one that's part of my hand).

UPDATE: Microsoft called me last Dec 15 and told me to resubmit. They moved the deadline to Dec 31.


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