Monday, August 14, 2006


I went to Expo last Saturday for the NLBook Sale. I came at around 7pm so I didn't expect much.

I got 3 big computer books at $2 each. Not bad. I also got this one..

They say if you read this kind of stuff you're a step closer to a healthier lifestyle. I already feel healthy buying it. Wow what more if I actually do READ it. Err that's as far as I can commit, READING it.

I was supposed to buy a new pair of leather shoes at Queenstown yesterday. They say that's the place to buy shoewear. Everyone I asked mentioned that place, so I went. What I forgot to ask though was *where* in Queenstown I could buy shoes. I spent around 15mins walking around the Queenstown area before finally giving up. So I went to MPH instead and bought some drawing stuff..

and this cool how-to-draw book!

Stay tuned!


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