Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Hi, sorry it took me a while to update this (like you care). Even then, I have nothing much to say, except that yesterday was a good day, for two reasons:

  • I was able to convert some classic ASP classes to usable .NET dlls. Not much of a feat actually, but having someone to discourage me from doing it because "it's not possible" is comforting enough. I crave for these opportunities.
  • Stellar jamming session from The Woohoos. I think we did great yesterday, or should I say THEY did great yesterday lol. READ: high bridge part in "When I Look To The Sky". Those vocal notes are way up THROUGH the sky. I'll have to work on that, until this coming Saturday, our FIRST Woohoos gig :D
Without further ado, I present to you The Woohoos (in a very live, distorted, and terribly-recorded-mix-thanks-to-my-w800i-voice-recorder fashion).
... then again, it's better to see us live. These crappy recordings don't do us justice, plus you don't get to see our handsome and pretty faces this way.

Saturday evening, Marine Cove.

We'll be signing autographs after the gig. Bring your own pen. No tomatoes please.


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