Thursday, December 14, 2006

Divert The Typhoons to Singapore I Beg You

I have many reasons to be angry today

  • missed dinner
  • missed songwriting class
  • the teacher didn't buy my idea of recording the whole session as mp3
  • all this because of a bug that eluded me the whole day
  • had me going back to Bedok from City Hall
  • the bus stopped at every stop light (why didn't they just name it the "go" light)
  • people from the pinoyITdotSG mailing list who just wouldn't stop yelling at each other because of some misunderstandings over the current state of roads at Lucena
  • I said Milo "NO ice" (didn't bother to ask for another one, too tired)
  • people who keep bugging me
  • people whom I want to bug me but do not give a damn
  • people who don't stick to what they say the first time
  • people

Petty stuff.

Good thing it rained very hard goin home. It does a very good job of camouflaging sounds emanating from my mouth as I sing along to some songs playing on my phone hahaha!



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