Friday, February 16, 2007

Pizza Hut Horoscope

My Pizza Hut Horoscope says..

"You're an all-star on Monday, and whatever you put your mind to is a shoo-in. However, around Tuesday and Wednesday, it's your unique approach that wins you bonus points and hearts! Let others go the normal red-roses route while you take the different and creative one. On Thursday and Friday, pick up some new concepts from other sources – people, books, art, blogs and others. Keep your wits about you this weekend; to call you absentminded would be putting it mildly."

I was hoping there'd be some pizza related prediction here. Hmm. Whatever.

Apparently Pizza Hut has a portal. They have online photo albums, blogs, birthday calendars, games, and yes, weekly horoscopes built into it.

A lot of people uploaded pictures of themselves on the online photo album. Duh.
This is a pizza online photo album... it's where you upload your PIZZA PICTURES..

Some people just don't get it.. sigh.

Get your account here.


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