Sunday, January 28, 2007


After bitchin' about the gadget contest here and here, something good finally happened.. too good in fact :)

I never thought they'd give in bwahahaha! It's an HP iPAQ rw6828, just as the contest promised. In this case though, it wasn't exactly a contest. Because, uhh, I was the.. uhh.. only contestant? From all of Singapore? Bwahahaha! Loner-geek action at its best! o-o *adjusts imaginary specs*

So yeah, I want to thank my colleagues "Buttercookiez" (designer) and Arman (lent me his IC number so I can submit to the site lol) for helping me. Props to Engr Edwin Sarmiento for replying to my inquiries when I had trouble submitting the gadget to the contest site. And of course, Microsoft Singapore, for hosting such a big event lol.

Anyway, look at this awesome view from Microsoft office's 22nd floor in One Marina Blvd..

High times! ;)

Vista is coming out next week. Please download my gadget here if you're getting Vista. I'll post about my iPaq adventures soon :)

Let's all learn from this experience...

It pays to be a persistent-pain-in-the-ass-geek. Bow.


At 1:52 PM, Blogger DK said...

only 1 person in singapore took part in the contest?

either singapore has no more programmers or they are also OT-ing at the office desk or ms didn't advertise this contest enough.

At 12:08 AM, Blogger chris said...

i assume it would be the third reason man.

but i did my own advertising in this forum board called "sgdotnet" (

but nobody seemed to care.

isn't that great?! bwahahaha

At 12:13 AM, Blogger emmz said...

u deserved it chrismael! there was no competition! literally! bwahahaha :p

congrats! palaro nyan minsan! hehehe

At 6:09 AM, Blogger chris said...

haha thanks! i'll install... poker! :P


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