Saturday, February 10, 2007

Some Bloopers and Scenic Stuff

Some Bloopers..
(Warning: I tend to laugh at the smallest things, if you don't find it amusing, screw you! Thanks)

1) Cost cutting..

.. or they could really be twin sisters, born in different countries. There could only be a quantum explanation for this.

At your nearest Popular store :)


2) It was only a pipe dream..

.. until 1890. Makes me proud seeing a Philippine brand behind the Muse concert leaflet/banner.. until I saw.. "DistIRbuted" ? - Spelling Nazi strikes again.


3) I prefer to call it the Lotto Number Generator..

.. spits out 6 random digits that you need to key in along with your password to the DBS iBanking site. And if you happen to hate red..

what??? no BLUE!!!!


4) The pole prevents you from hitting the gutter..

..this one was near Kreta Ayer. The vehicle chirped (you know, the short alarm sound that gives the owner the impression his vehicle is secured and untouchable) when I walked away laughing. Someone was watching me. Bwahahaha!


And some random shots..

Church at Novena..

Alien invasion afoot, taken from my office's dry pantry..

Me and the background reflected, on the 7th floor of One Marina

Hmm, in that slouching position, I could easily be mistaken for as Quasimodo, Hunchback of Notre Dame (the Disney version). No gargoyles here though..

Yey Matchbox!

I was there for this Microsoft 3-step thing..

.. anything to get me off work early man haha. Too early in fact..

Yeah I guess that's it. Oh yeah I downloaded this nifty Google maps java app (obssessed!) for my iPaq! Look look!

And I've been wanting to ask the bus driver..

.. where the location info is being retrieved. Is it some radio/wireless stuff?


My officemate told me the driver's probably pushing a button that corresponds to a location where he's driving at that moment. Somehow it makes sense, because judging from the number of buttons in the driver's dashboard, it looks like he's driving a jumbo jet or something. But that's insane!

Not that you care but I'll try to find that one out ;) Thanks for watching, the dis-co-ve-ry channel.


At 2:03 PM, Blogger emmz said...

use the pink sticker chris! it looks cool! wehehehe :p

i thought that was a gargoyle rather than quasimodo!!! hahaha... joke! :p

i like the matchbox shot ;)

and go to

hehehe... kantahin mo ha! :D


o ayan! :p

At 3:40 PM, Blogger chris said...

hahahha! thanks sa link, check ko :)


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