Thursday, January 18, 2007

Disturbed Individual

You just gotta love team meetings. It's an opportunity for everyone in the team to be aware of what everybody's doing... yeah... LIKE I CARE!!

Anyway, I always put on that sincere and attentive look during meetings. It helps if you have a pen and notebook, and making it look like you're actually writing down important stuff.

There's ten more pages of these but I won't bore you. But do "psycho-doodle analyze" me if you find anything disturbing.

Dinner and dance tomorrow night. I just wanna get it over with.

"... and live performances by Flooding Backyard" oh you're so gonna regret it.

I just finished reading "Wikinomics". There's no groundbreaking stuff in there. Mostly yada yada. There's this other book I bought that is serving me very well though...

Time for some seriiioouuus actionnnnnnnnnnn bwahahahaha!

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Deeply disturbed and disillusioned,


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