Tuesday, April 03, 2007

CyberTwin Test

Finally! My own personal cyber-twin!! This service lets you create your own cybertwin so you can still do damage on the internet while you're away wahAhaha. In fact you can place him up to chat for you thru MSN! (Though I haven't tried it yet)

After answering a series of personality-type questions to "copy" your personality into the cybertwin, I loaded him up for a test drive. Here's our first conversation:

CyberTwin: Hi!
Me: you are my cybertwin right?
CyberTwin: A philosopher said: Love is blind, friendship closes its eyes. What is something you put up with in a friend?
Me: Hmm, you're obviously not thinking like me
CyberTwin: hm
Me: Say "Yo"
CyberTwin: I wish I could, but I have no vocal chords. I am a software clone.
Me: Argh how can you not have vocal chords as my twin you are expected to use them extensively!!
CyberTwin: You sound very confident about that.
Me: ...

He's got attitude. I still have to teach him some manners.

You can chat with him here, or you can use the one below..

UPDATE: He's currently as dumb as a rock and will only play you with words (hmm actually i'm not that much different haha). He computes one plus one as "one one" duh. Anyway I'm still halfway through the personality questions, so there may still be hope. Besides it's just an alpha version. Oh and the MSN version works :)


At 2:32 PM, Blogger emmz said...

hmmmm, nonsense nga ba? he seems to be a "deep" version of you! :p


At 6:19 PM, Blogger chris said...

haha! there's actually a deeper version of me?????

that's.. unfathomable bwahahah


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