Friday, April 06, 2007

Google My Maps + Meebo

OMG, this was bound to happen..

Google has released their My Maps service which provides tools for anyone to create their own mashup. A mashup refers to two or more services integrated together. In this case I combined Google Maps and Meebo using My Maps. You can check out this clip from cnet that shows you how to create your own mashups.

HOWEVER, there's a bug that erases the embedded HTML Meebo badge when you try to save the map. I hope this is a bug, and is not by design. I'm looking forward to this mashup.

If anyone's interested to add their own Meebo badge to the mashup page I created, the login for the map is..

login: meebomashup
passwd: meebomashupmashup

See you there!


At 12:27 PM, Blogger Singeo said...

Chris, I think this is by design, not a bug, since the meebo widget is in a similar same form to the Google My Maps code snippet for Google Video.

See my email for examples of the code snippets.

I've also tried using the Google My Maps example code snippet for You Tube with meebo content and the same thing happens the code is stripped out on a save.




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