Friday, July 13, 2007


Rain has eaten away at our makeshift clothesline - a bench-like furniture (which oddly has a "Sony" logo marked on it) that we turned sideways. Water has softened the wood inside, causing the base to be unstable.

So, I bought two adjustable aluminum rods and four plastic clamp thingies that I saw in a do-it-yourself shop in Novena Square, to hold the two long main bars where we hang our clothes. No screws or holes in the walls :)

Did more laundry to stress-test the thing

I'm satisfied hehehe. Time to sleep, under the laptop's warm glow ooooh

(And as usual, it would take me an hour before I could really sleep, figuring alternative solutions to web semantics, replaying for the millionth time in my head conversations I had with people today, hopelessly trying to recall names, humming new melodies, running through a long imaginary list of "what if's", thinking of work, reminding myself that I'm getting old, thinking of ways to avoid people I don't want to interact tomorrow, rearranging pillows, what I'm doing now in a parallel universe, did I say thinking of work?, a breakthrough pizza, mmmm, zzzzz...


At 6:08 AM, Anonymous patsy said...

if you're getting old, what more pa ko? wag pag-usapan ang edad! :P

nalaman ko na nga lang kay apple na kumain daw kayo sa david's! ano buzz, friends pa din ha. kaloka talaga!

ano gawa mo for MS? share ka about work. :)

At 4:44 PM, Blogger chris said...

nung march pa ata yun nung umuwi ako ng pinas?

developer ev angelist ako sa MS. bale may kulto kami dito na sumasamba kay bill gates.

nasa tate ka ba ngayon?

At 11:37 AM, Anonymous patsy said...

yup, 5wks lang ata ako nag-stay sa pinas :P


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