Monday, July 02, 2007

OMG I'm still in the office

@ 1am.

Some random stuff..
  • Went to the grocery and overheard a young girl shouting at her mom. "I don't wanna be your daughter if you don't buy me this and that!!" -- Exact words. I'm amazed with kids today.
  • Passed by the building security guard a few hours ago, he was staring at himself in the big wall mirror. The best way to beat boredom is to scare yourself to death. I do that often.
  • We're living in the stone age. Public WiFi is so cumbersome. Tagging is so manual. iPhone is obsolete. Robots only kick ass in movies. Humans still need to sleep. Am I being so demanding? Fast-forward man!
  • Rode the Night Rider bus last night (thanks to 2.5 hours of Transformers I got out of the movie house quite late). I was feeling lonely and pathetic, until I realized I had Sudoku in my cellphone.
  • Why do Filipinos in Singapore stare at each other like they've never seen a Filipino before? Really. Why?
  • I did a Major General cleaning of my room today. Realized that the bulk of the stuff I need to throw away are plastic bags I've accumulated for a year. And since I'm a passive environmentalist, I'm keeping the paper bags.
  • I've been missing out on a lot of stuff lately, band practice, blogging, coding, eating, socializing (the online type), getting inspired, songwriting, skydiving, bunjee jumping..
  • Any of you got a sound clip of an Autobot transforming? Figured I'd make it my ringtone.
  • Sheesh am I taking the NR7 again?
  • Sometimes I really wish someone would just come up to me and say everything that's in my mind. Whether such person does not exist or I'm just too busy being alone, I don't know.



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