Friday, May 19, 2006

Getting By

I needed a new guitar case, because the old one was, well.. old, and one of the straps snapped, so it was a good excuse to replace the whole thing :P I used a pink paper string that I found on my drawer (apparently left by my cousin for her gift designs or something like that) and traced the length of the guitar. I cut the paper string to the correct length and pocketed it; off I went..

Halfway to my destination though..

Tank's running low! Yeah!

Somehow the traffic got worse, the fuel-low light was brighter then ever hehe..

So I decided to slow down and enjoy the view. Hmm, Makati was the same when I left it, feels like second home. I'll get a condo here someday (probably in 70 years or so)

It's about time a gas station showed up. I can almost feel the engine chugging..

I loaded up P500 worth of gas. Based on my previous near stall experiences (which are about twenty to date, including this one), 500 should've loaded me past the halfway pointer, but that's not the case here..

But it all made sense when the price board greeted me P41.50. It was 2 pesos higher the last time I checked.. $%^@#%$^@#$)*@#

Anyway since I'm in Makati, I decided to drop by my former office's building, to check out the... uhmm... if I can get past security :P I parked inside the building..

And made it a point to visit the post..

.. I scratched a few years ago. My rear left fender and this post go a long way back. Don't even ask, ok I'm telling you, I was sleepy. Period :P

I got past security, and met eight former colleagues. So much for my covert operation. Anyway, I went straight to the mall to do my stuff. I parked underground, and had to use the emergency exit because the elevator was taking too long! (Ok this blog is taking too long as well hahhaa, I pity you for reading this far :P)

Reached my destination, RJ Music Store..

Reached for my pocket but.. I had the string that I cut and the original string I cut it from. Now isn't that stupid; there was an excess length on the other string that could possibly be the correct length of the guitar. (This goes to show how ignorant I am with my own guitar :P)

I took the shorter string and decided that's the way to go.. (the string in this picture is not stretched, thus it looks short)

Went to McDonald's and ordered my default meal, Chicken Sandwich Value Meal + Milo.

Got home and fortunately the string I chose was the correct match. We all get by, everyday. Hehe ;)


At 11:29 PM, Blogger EmmsVille said...

naks! kinareer mo na talaga ang blogging ha! daming pics! you're blog's becoming more and more interesting each day. i get to see the internal operation of a, hmmm, (geeky?) (squeaky?) (tacky?) (hehehe) genius mind! naks... hindi ko nga tinapos basahin eh... bwehehehe...

uy, thanks dun sa comments sa blog ko! i'm sorry but i can't take your advice. mahal ko sya eh. pag nagmahal ako, walang games! naks!

hay! thanks kuya! ;)

At 11:12 AM, Blogger Marjorie said...

chris.. astig ka mag blog ha... may illustration pa ang story... really like it... tiyaga talaga... i get tired putting pics since i don't have dsl at home... Ü


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