Monday, June 26, 2006

Extraordinary People

June 17. Rock D' Fort.. I took this picture onstage before we played...

June 20. Microsoft Technical Briefing.. Took this before we entered the auditorium...

June 24. Joseph Musical @ the Orchard.. actor looking up...

June 24. Street band in front of Paragon (we were supposed to play that day here as well). Yeah he's lookin' up too...

Nice symmetry.. of different people eh? ;)

And here's another batch of extraordinary people who rock!

- Joann and Marlon @ the Microsoft Technical Briefing..

.. they're not sleeping, they're just camera shy.

- Edgie, on guitars @ Rock D' Fort (Mesh Potatoes)

- Allan, on guitars @ Rock D' Fort (Mesh Potatoes)

- Celes (in green), on bass @ Rock D' Fort.. camera shy too haha! (Mesh Potatoes)

- Norman, on vocals @ Rock D' Fort (Mesh Potatoes)

- Glenn, on drums @ Rock D' Fort (Mesh Potatoes)

- Juan, on bass during jamming practice (The Woohoos)

- Cheng, on keyboards during jamming practice (The Woohoos)

- Ling, on guitars during jamming practice (The Woohoos)

- Poging Glenn, after jamming practice, enjoying drinks (The Woohoos)

- Joel and Carol @ Food Republic Wisma Atria. (Lagot ka pare inakbayan ka o)

- Me and Baja @ Food Republic Wisma Atria. (Hindi ako lagot, no akbayans)

- Me at Sony Gallery Wisma Atria, playing PSP (bibilhan ako ni Marie nito balang araw)..

- And of course, the grand daddy of all grand daddies.. Hermes P.R. (title yan ala M.D. ika nga sa doctor), playing PSP..

*These pictures have been uploaded without consent. If there are any complaints... forget it I'm not taking any of these down lol!


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