Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sneaky sneaky

Blogging at work har har har! Wow this is a nice place! Everybody seems so nice to me! (Their smiles somehow equate to.. "At last, someone we can pass work to..."). Got acquainted with a few Pinoy's here. Told me I'm assured that this company isn't going down, being a subsidiary of Mediacorp and all, and being government owned. My first task, documentation! Bwahaha! I'll have the burden for two weeks before taking on real action, a project they call 1-Ops. Sounds covert to me.

In other news, we finally got a place in Pasir Ris. We'll be moving in real soon (June 3). I'm very excited because the place rocks! There's a beach (though I wouldn't expect that much, probably similar to Sentosa beach). At least (..someone passing from behind, MINIMIZE!)..

..that place is better than the one's we've checked out before. Kudos to my buddies Hermes and Joel for all our troubles getting this deal.

I've had no decent sleep since Tues, and will probably be missing out on X-Men until next week. My friends here are watching it on Friday though. Aargh and there's Silent Hill that I have yet to watch! And there's gig on Sat! And jamming later! Lyrics to memorize! It's cold in here! I should've worn long sleeves! Why am I shouting! Err.

Ok, 2 pages.. good progress (pat's myself in the back)


At 11:00 AM, Blogger Marjorie said...

bad chris pogi... sneaking from work huh!... i think you don't deserve that kind of work... you don't like documenting stuff right??? it's not good for your brain hehe Good luck sa iyong work... pag ok dyan... paaapply din ha...hehe :P

At 2:34 PM, Blogger chris said...

thanks! i love documenting! it'll only be for a while. i love documenting, i love documenting, i love documenting.. (mantra)


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