Sunday, June 18, 2006

Deafness and Amnesia

There's this continuous ringing in my left ear, caused by too much loud noise from band practice. So if we're having a conversation and I keep asking "what?", you know why.

As I mentioned, I went to Bugis last Thursday. I looked around and eventually bought some stuff. I went to a building called "Icon" across the street from the mrt mall (I call it that if it's the mall right after going out the mrt hehe). It's a 6-storey mall with small stalls inside. I bought some stuff there and got these raffle coupons..

That's 6 people going to Korea wooohooo! Err, if I win lol. I asked the tenant why Korea.. "That's where all this stuff came from". Hmm I'd like to believe that, but he also told me his is "the only store" giving out those coupons. I'm beginning to wonder if my accent is giving me out. Once I start talking it's obvious I'm non-Singaporean. I didn't mind though, I got a good bargain, so it's still that at the end of the day.

Went back to the mrt mall and saw this ice cream stall with a line piling up..

Their ad dares you to try their "wasabi" ice cream. I was intrigued, but I didn't get that. I bought the "sesame" instead..

Hmm, nothing stellar about it. In fact it was too small for $4.90. I should've gotten the wasabi instead. Stupid.

Anyway, right in front of it was a barbershop, I needed haircut anyway so I decided to give it a try. The ad claims they'll cut your hair in 10mins. I decided to watch how it works first, while eating ice cream outside..

..You insert $10 bill on the machine, ticket comes out, wait for your turn, give the ticket to the barber (which is a lady), and she'll probably try her best to finish in 10mins lol!

barber: high slope or normal slope?
me: (confused) slope where?
barber: (confused) high slope or normal slope?
me: just make it short
barber: high slope or..
me: normal slope.

that's like 15 seconds already lady. *lol. she cut it for 15mins and a half or so. i'm impressed, it IS short hahaha! The next morning, people were looking at me in the mrt (again), and the lady at the cafe counter was smiling. I was thinking to myself if it was that short? When I went to the toilet, I saw a small leaf lodged between my hair spikes. THAT, was embarassing lol!

It's been difficult to get wifi signal lately..

NOTE: the pillow is absolutely necessary :P

Some other stuff:

- Ling lent me her multi-fx for the guitar. I'd be recording some stuff soon.

- saw "Silent Hill" last night. This movie was hyped up really good. DONT watch it.

- This is where we'll be playing tonight at Fort Canning, haven't memorized all of the lyrics yet *lol. I'd end up forgetting after 20 mins anyway, so what the heck :P

If you absolutely have to know why I'm going deaf, check out Mesh Potatoes band practice.. (Parokya ni Edgar's "Ordertaker" - a tagalog spoof of System of a Down's "Toxicity" and "Chop Suey"). You can't see it, but we're jumping up and down as we're playing this *lol.

And if you have to know why I have amnesia.. the Even Flow cover is a good example. Believe it or not half the time I was singing nonsense *lol. I'm pretty sure I'll mess up again later. It's all fun though :)


At 1:34 PM, Blogger EmmsVille said...

kuya chris!!! panget ang silent hill???? gusto ko pa naman sanang panoorin


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