Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Useless! Piece! Of! TiSHH!

We just moved in to our new home last Saturday in Pasir Ris. I was eager to park my stuff in the room. Joel took the master bedroom (he already spent the night there before I came). I let Hermes take the bigger of the two common rooms (he's PR, he deserves it). Mine wasn't really that small, I can walk three steps.. err sideways, before bumping into a wall (lol!). Anyway, since Singapore has that three-pin configuration in their electric sockets, I made it a point to buy a multi-socket two-pin extension cord, Pinoy style, for some of my electronic stuff (i.e. cellphone charger.. err that's basically it). It came pretty cheap, and I was happy.

I took out my charger to try the extension out, it was a bit tight though, and I had to force it real good to... SNAP! ok, that went in, but I was certain something inside the extension broke, or folded of some sort. (It was at this point I knew I had another blog entry in the making).

So I decided to open it up and check it out. This swiss knife Marie gave me was making itself useful on day 1 eh..

Turned out that the part I forced actually folded in. They don't come cheap for no reason. I folded that part back, and reconfigured the rest to "loosen up".

Apparently, the Pinoy style socket pins are farther apart, and will definitely not fit into the extension I bought. It's fixed now. So I moved on to unpacking..

My mom's digicam, she's not using it. So I stole it bwahahah! (Casio Exilim 2MP)

That's what a Singtel topup card looks like (lol). Ok I'm flaunting the camera, really. (There have already been three occassions in its lifetime that I was approached just to check the camera out... the chances of it being a girl looks promising... hmm... Marie won't be too delighted lol! jok lang!)

Anyway, I had to test it if it's still working..

Ok I didn't really need to do that bwahahaa! DA GWAPINGS!!!...

Here's Joel trying out the internet... of our neighbor..s :P

The gas cylinder's playing hide and seek with Eric Goh (in green), our agent.. (apparently it wasn't installed, so we called up the gas guy... pun intended)

Went last Sunday to Bar None to go see Bamboo and Concave Scream with my "woohoos" bandmates Glenn and Ling.. (more info and pics of that gig on Glenn's blog)

Next morning it was back to work again. Made good progress on the documentation stuff (1 more week to go). Our team (in the office) actually went to see "The Benchwarmers". Your typical force-yourself-to-laugh-hard type of movie, but it wasn't that bad either. At least I got to mingle with my officemates a bit more. There'll be more mingling on Friday, for the Foosball competition lol. Soccer's pretty big here. Probably as big as basketball back home, neither of which I play very well (if I play at all) hehehe.

Yesterday I went to Bedok to buy some bathroom stuff (i.e. toilet paper). Look what I found..

USELESS!!! bwahahah! I bought it, in every sense of the word. Later.


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