Sunday, June 11, 2006


Not sure if it's already rainy season here, but it's been raining a lot lately. I prefer rain than a hot summer sun. But there are occassions when you wish it would just stop :P

Next time I'm taking the taxi..

Yesterday I cooked Menudo for lunch..

(... yeah those are real fruits, we don't eat them, we display them until they rot)

All smiles man! (Menudo life expectancy: 5mins)

We decided to watch Omen that night. That never happened. Instead Joel and I went for a field trip to Tiong Bahru and back. Here's Joel impersonating the "Green Emergency Man"..

Here's Joel again calling his wife from the phonebooth..

"uhh yeah i'm still in the office, the boss says i can go home by 1130"..

Making up dialogues on the adjacent booth hehe..

Joel caught me counting stuff.. first salary (life is hard)..

taped these into $1 bundles. perhaps i'll annoy people with this..

taxi driver: eh, what's this?
me: dunno man, some lady from the grocery gave these as change, just passing it on..


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