Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Early Morning Blog

I don't get it. My normal bedtime is at 12am until 8am (ok I wake up at 730, but spend about 30mins of bed rolling, grunting and imagining it's a weekend). So when I had this terrible headache last night, I really had a good excuse to sleep at 1030, and expect to wake up at 6 or probably 7. But nOOO! I opened my eyes and checked the clock, at 330am! wtf. Now I can't sleep and will expect myself to get groggy by 12pm today. I'm dead.

Anyway, the fridge was making weird sounds. It sounded like my stomach when it's hungry. At first I thought it was me but it was too loud and my stomach isn't exhibiting any form of subtle vibration so I ruled it out. It got me hungry though.

Though I dread these "accidental wake ups", I've actually put the extra time to good use..

- ate noodles
- checked the internet for a patch to Microsoft's DRM (work)
- checked the internet for WSE security (work)
- read some of my friends' blogs
- blog some stuff
- ironed clothes to wear today

not bad, I'd normally be doing the first five in the office, the fifth during my morning "rush hour" (my work starts at 9am, that's about the time I start getting out the front door). I should do this more often.

(Hmm there's some alarm buzzing somewhere)

Some stuff that happened during the past few days

- Friday -
Went lunchout with my office colleagues. There I learned a horrifying news - our team supervisor is seriously considering moving in the same cubicle area as our team's. Ok, it makes perfect sense that he should move in (he is the team supervisor after all) but I should explain to you first why we're all in panic mode right now. HE'S FREAKING ANNOYING. I won't dare use any more space explainin' it because it's a total waste of time. Just understand that it's enough for me to call/sms/email other colleagues to consider filling up the empty seat and make mundane reasons to their supervisors why they need to be on our area.

- Saturday -
Went to Pin's band's semi-finals competition at Timbre. They were the only band to lose out of three (The other two tied). I thought that was unfair since the punk-emo band who opened was crap. They sang five songs, all of which I think is a continuation of the other, since they all sound the same. I also lost my left earphone rubber piece during the gig. It's difficult to replace and will have to suit myself with the extra that came with it, only bigger in size argh. Ah but it's nothing compared to Cheng's series of mishaps. I should probably call her Queen of Disaster. (hmm cool band name).

Bought new pair of rubber shoes. ADIDAS yeah! (Chris = adidas freak, Joel = nike freak, Hermes = converse freak).

I also bought a transparent plastic board and a couple of Post-It's to create what I call a "memory" board.

I normally keep notes in my cellphone (yeah I prefer the cellphone because a PDA is overkill and I'm a stingy geek), but I want something more immediate, and visual. The Post-It's contain notes on stuff that I'm supposed to do, want to buy, ideas worth researching, and stuff. Yeah I like to make my life complicated if you're wondering. It's sort of a self-mutilation therapy haha!

- Monday-
We had a company team building over at Buona Vista in this place called NACLI. If you've never heard of it, then I suggest you keep it that way. You know how these team building events go, you play some games and you learn a team lesson out of it. I didn't find it very useful though because

1) I normally work alone anyway, and enjoy doing that. I intend to keep it that way.
2) The place doesn't exactly have that inspirational and motivational mood to it. Placing it in some remote area didn't help either (if there's such an area in Singapore - remote).
3) Some games weren't as effective and representative of a real work environment. Passing someone's whole body through a web of strings without touching the strings doesn't really qualify for me as a team building activity. Or I'm just really grumpy (again) that day.

Hence the terrible headache yesterday. It would have been better if we went out for a barbecue outing of some sort, or anything that involves EATING GOOD FOOD. A cruise ship outing would be nice.

Hmm, people are starting to wake up. I'm hungry again.


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