Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..

3 weeks without update..

Nothing much to say..

Because I've been working! (for real)

Ha ha :x

My mind is so full of code right now

  • Went to Comex last Friday and burned a hole through my pocket, two thousand and four hundred times, for this..

Acer Aspire 1GBRAM, 100GigHD, 1.3MP webcam, ATI Radeon graphics.. they don't come cheap. Peter was there to help me bargain an XP Pro upgrade UP $250, down to $150 coooool! That's some kickass bargaining skills man. I owe him 50 servings of chicken rice. Thanks man, you're DA MAN! Da ChinaMAN! lol

  • CarreFour in Plaza Singapura has this book sale running for ages, I think, because mold's starting to form on the stack of books they're selling. There are actually good ones buried down there, but no one can get through them because some clerk decided to stack them in an UNO Stacko mountain fashion, so yeah, if you can "pull it off", you can buy it.

The book's about uhh.. first impressions. On first glance, the book doesn't really make a good first impression (sorry I had to say that haha). The cover is very bland. Fortunately though, buying a book doesn't have to be similar to buying dvd. You can actually open and "read" the book before you buy, whereas in buying DVD, you'd have to rely purely on DVD cover "visuals", some star studded cast, and your good friend's movie review (if he happens to have the same movie taste as yours, IF, but that's another topic). Three chapters on to the book, it's not that bad, though some are not applicable, or it may just have missed the complexities of social dynamics. For example, the book emphasizes on putting the spotlight on the OTHER person, such as asking him/her questions, so he'll feel appreciated, and thus make a good impression. It so happened that last Saturday I went to a friend's surprise birthday party, and there's this dude who approached one of my housemates and asked some nosy questions, pure English, and with a bit of a dominant tone. Not that we don't understand English, but him being a Filipino, the effect was somehow repulsive. It's like, c'mon man, we're all Filipinos here, are you tryin' to be cool or something. So yeah culture plays a major role in this first impression thing. Or I'm just really grumpy that day haha! But hey, there's like 10 more chapters left so we'll see ;)

  • I've been trying to learn Manga drawing..

Nice artwork eh? It's from a Manga comic I bought called "Nana". (Cheng's fault I got into this). The simple yet elegant style of artwork got my attention and figured this style would be a good springboard to learning manga. I was initially after the art, but after three days of browsing the comic book and not understanding the storyline (the words are in chinese of some sort, read "backwards", from right to left), I decided to buy this as well..

Subtitles!! I'm saved! hahA! The screenplay was faithful to the comic book (fortunately) so I was able to follow the story and map it to the comic book. It turns out that there are these two girls who met each other who coincidentally happen to have the same name "Nana", but have contrasting personalities. One was a cutie pie softie type while the other was a hard rocking rugged chik. Yeah you guessed it, they get along well haha! That's pretty much it, it's a decent movie with a good storyline. But you won't trust me on that do you lol! I figured. (The story would've been perfect if there was a geek somewhere in there hahaha!) Anyway, the nice thing about this was, the female lead who played the "rocker chic" Nana was the one who actually sang the songs in the movie! When I learned this I was like wow!! She was suddenly elevated to a higher status hAHAHA! I immediately found myself listening to three of the songs from the movie, two of which she sang, in Japanese of course haha! Jrock rocks! Now I'm contemplating on how I can add this jrock element to some originals I've been thinking.

Speaking of which, I've started "humming" to my cellphone again. Nothing "solid" has come up yet, but it's just the way it goes, you just keep humming until something happens. Until then..


At 2:21 PM, Blogger EmmsVille said...

aba aba aba! hey, dude, why is your blog all in english! bwehehehe... peace chris! ganun lang talaga yun... kailangan lang nun ng kiss from you! :p

uy kelan ang next gig... meron kaming visitor ngayon na mahilig manood ng live band... ipakita ka namin sa kanya. we're proud of you kasi eh.

sana patawarin mo ang mga english ko dito! i just can't help myself! bweheheh. :p

At 11:47 AM, Blogger chris said...

oi emms, meron ata kami sa oct15 sa gashaus hehe.


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