Saturday, September 30, 2006

Our house in Google Maps

I've had the idea of looking our house up in Google maps a long time ago. But Google's satellite images back then (on the Philippines at least) were so high up from the ground you can barely make out main roads, much less streets. So when I came about this site last week, I was surprised to see a Google map entry of my high school there! (It helps when your school is located beside a church of historical significance - the church houses an organ made of bamboos created by some Spanish missionaries... uhh I think). So from there I "drove" down south, passed through winding streets, flyovers, traffic, rode the tricycle, and arrived at our doorstep, in Balimbing street, Las Pinas, Philippines :)

It's the square roof with a worn out grayish color (hmm I used to think it was painted green). There's nothing much to look at really, but being far from home makes you miss it a lot. Though this satellite picture was taken perhaps a year or two ago (Google maps updates their maps at certain intervals, I'm not sure how often), it feels as if I'm looking at a realtime view of our house from up here. I found myself staring at it for a while, waiting for a red Toyota Corolla to come out from our garage and follow its way to where my dad works (though he's in Japan right now). Hehe.

I'll try looking for our place in Imus and here in Singapore hehe :)

Updated: Added Pasir Ris :) Hmm probably not a good idea hahaha!


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