Monday, July 23, 2007


Thurs - beer (ktv with andy and aimee)
Friday - beer + wine (balaclava, met with colleague)
Saturday - a bit more beer (banda fantastika in bar none)
Sunday - korean wine (haha soju! thanks to Cheng)

Monday (today)

I almost drank again! (The Library). It's good Andy, Aimee and I steered to a coffee + cake shop instead. Andy's treat! (plus some free counseling too).

The waitress was weird. Sweet but weird. Andy said she's from mainland China.

I'm still f*cking sad what's wrong with me.

I'll just take it out on this silly high chair in the MRT station..

What is up with this bench?! Have you tried sitting on this bench? Unless you're a long-legged six-footer, you're going to slide slowly and would end up adjusting your butt to keep you from falling every 5 seconds. Shaping the seat in that convex fashion actually made it worse. It's supposed to take the shape of your bum, not against it duh. I'd rather sit on the space beside it, the narrow flat area that's part of the post's base. I wish they'd just take it out. It's a pathetic excuse for a seat. Frustrating to say the least. You want to sit on it, but it won't let you. What's wrong with you bench! Be a real bench! I command you! Transform! Transformers!!

Transform!! The laptop won't tell you if the walls can spit out cans of coke!! In the end they'll all rain like buttons being sewed through telephone wires! Keys will be another hope to take my cellophane dreams into flour! ...

Uh oh I think I still have my DC mini on..

Paprika, now showing..


At 10:00 PM, Blogger ysilona said...

i so agree with you on the silly mrt chair.. i've been trying to put some sense into its existence each time i attempt to sit on it. i realized maybe it's not for sitting :D


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