Sunday, July 29, 2007

What's This Ah? Very Rock???? Duh

Here are some pics from the Banda Fantastika gig in Bar None..

Norman and Pavarotti me... Looooooooooorrr

Me and Nathan, eye contact ayiiiheeeeee

Hmm, a nice monitor speaker..

There's a sun in my head, sun in my head..

More pictures (without me) here . I'm such an egotistical jerk.

I am taking a leave from Mesh Potatoes though.

This is actually the worst time to take a leave because the bands are starting to pick up. But I have to focus on work in the meantime. Thanks to those who've seen us play. And to those who haven't. You know who you are haha. Mesh Potatoes lives on, and I'm excited to see them from the sidelines for a change :)

I have not, however, turned my back completely on music. As many of you know, I joined this group of fellow songwriters here in Singapore. Check the blog here.

No pressure, I attend when I can. This is a chance for me to play my songs freely without requirements. Unlike a full band, I only have to worry about myself, music-wise. If I f*ck up, it's my fault and mine alone.

I love my songs. Some better than others, but I love them to death. I do think they're crap but I love them. The last thing I want to see is someone from the band, or from the crowd, with that "argh-this-is-such-a-waste-of-time-song" look in his or her face. I've seen it before, in a band, and in the crowd. I started to *really* hate my songs after that.

So I create new ones. And I love them. I enjoy playing them in my head and in my room over and over. And now here's a group of like-minded people, who make songs because they want to please themselves and not necessarily other people. Perfect.

I have serious issues man, take it or leave it :D

Here's a recording from the last session (songs I played - "We Are", "Invisible", and "Ashes").


At 1:38 PM, Blogger emmz said...

bagay kayo ni nathan! hahaha :p


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