Monday, August 06, 2007


Thanks to Rowena for these pics from the Banda Fantastika gig..

(So this is what I look like with red hair dye bwahaha)

Last week was the most exhaustive week ever.

Try sleeping at 12am, then waking up at 3am to finish some demos (software, not songs!). Going to the office at 8 to do conference call. Attending a meeting at 10. Continue with the demos until 2. Getting lost in the biggest university in SG at 2:30. Walking in late for a big meeting attended by around 30 academic professionals and school officials at 2:45. It wouldn't have mattered that I was late if they weren't waiting for me, but they had to because I WAS PRESENTING (technology presentation, not music!), 2:50pm. Took a taxi that's supposed to take me back to the office, but instead I ended up in Suntec because the f&$*@ taxi driver had something up his sleeve while I was dozing off and must've thought that I thought he misheard the destination. 5pm. Had to take off at 5:30 to go to another meeting. Meeting started at 6, and ended 8:30. Went back to office to get my stuff. Went home, sapped.

The weekend was great though!

And now it's Monday again DOH!


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