Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Too tired to write a blog so I'll just post these pictures up..

Packed my stuff bound for S. The suitcase is packing 5 tech books, besides the 3 I've already brought over. They're good paperweights.

A last good look at my PC. Setup with vnc and hamachi so I can control it from S. A good alternative to bringing over a hard drive packed with pirated stuff.

These are not mine. I feel like a rockstar bringing these though (with matching guitar)

Arrived! (I was actually strolling back and forth until I got a decent shot of myself bwahahah)

The taxi driver and I were laughing all the way to Choa Chu Kang. I have no idea what he was talking about though (sounds English but way too fast and too Chinese).

Driver: qwueiqwjfbhjhajsdh HAHAHA
Me: ehrmmm.. HAHAHAH
Driver: hsajdhasd? ashdjasdk. HAHAHAHA

..went on for 30 mins or so until I got off.

Squatter me, sharing the room with a friend.. too tired to unpack.

From up here, nice view of the.. uhh.. swimming pool ;)

This will be my last McSpicy meal. It was too spicy (duhhhh)

Was rushing because I was late to meet a friend, cut myself a bit while shaving.

Ok it wasn't a "bit". I actually took a good bleeding. At least now I'm getting noticed, in the MRT lol :P

My future housemates Hermes (the pioneer, but is due to be booted out of his hdb this june) and Joel (he's currently living in a makeshift gas chamber with 7 other guys from a country with the first letter starting in "I"). We desperately need that new place.

Oh yeah, it's "Raining" because it's raining outside, and I'm going to sleep now zzzzzzzzz

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