Friday, September 14, 2007

Brain Dump 2

  • Lyrics for Numerous
  • Lyrics for In Another Place

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Brain Dump

I'll be gone for a while. Need to write these down before they fly off my head. (They're meant for me so you can skip this entry :)

  • - Silverlight fix for Halo3
  • - Install pick-up for guitar
  • - GM + RoR app for contest + list of services/scrapable sites in SG
  • - Commitment sheet FY08
  • - Office System + Sharepoint + VSTO
  • - Lyrics for Sky and We Will Never Be
  • - Stud Attachment proj: Office Word + custom xml part -> html + ajax (saving to xml)
  • - Stud Attachment proj: Solution to IDA
  • - Stud Attachment proj: X I P v 2
  • - Twitter as transport layer to RSS + context aware middleware
  • - WPF/Silverlight Meeting Room Booker (Exchange)
  • - Inspiring chat with an MS partner (visionary, renegade, risk-taker, professional)
  • - Remit
  • - Haircut!
  • - Book Oct ticket
  • - Book Dec ticket
  • - PR application
  • - Citibank application
  • - Change requests to Mediacorp radio gadget (dropdown list, more stations, etc)
  • - iRIS sidebar gadget
  • - Finish Einstein The Life and Times
  • - Finish Stumbling on Happiness
  • - Finish Talent is Never Enough
  • - Buy "Linked" suggested by Gray
  • - Sew the freakin buttons

Monday, September 03, 2007

I'm The Bloke

Holy cow the bookstore knows me very well..

This is of course not the first time this sort of thing happened. Perhaps I should stop going to the bookstore. It's starting to invade my privacy. Creepy.

On the other hand, screw it! (as my colleague would say lol).

Ok I think you get the point haha. I have this strong feeling the next book I'll bump into will be titled "Only No-Lifers Stay In The Office Late." I'm sure it will find me :P

In other news..

My colleague is so freakin rich he gave me a Targus geek bag!

This bag is expensive! Andy you're da man! I'm bringing this to TechEd :)

Some pics from the Ruby On Rails training last Saturday in NUS -

Here's a room packed with geeks glued to their laptop monitors..

It's always dangerous to have that much ego in the same room. "The air is stifling.." (or rather a bit stinky actually)

Here's Jocelyn minding her own business.

We'd be joining a contest soon, hence all these trainings. With almost 40 teams competing, and with us so busy with work...... I think we'll have to settle for 2nd place. Man where's all this ego coming from. Lol.

Anyway, if you've been following my blog, you'd know by now that I'm addicted to Dr. Pepper (see here, and here). Unfortunately it's not commercially available here in Singapore, and I only get to drink it when I dine in Billy Bombers.

Not anymore!

Cheng happened to pass by Cold Storage in Bukit Timah (in King Albert's Park) and saw that they were selling the stuff!!!! Naturally, being a good friend and all, she bought one for me wahaha! Cheng you're da man! If you happen to pass by there again can you buy me a case? Just kidding lol. Yahooooo!!!