Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I have nothing better to do today so I checked other people's blog. (My manager could not possibly be into these things, is he?). Well.. actually.. I uh.. finished a lot of stuff.. yeah.. In fact I uh.. did most of the uh... stuff.. that needs to be done.. uhuh. AH WHAT THE HECK. Ok seriously, I was just kidding (HA HA).

I found this from a friend's blog. My name makes sense now. Awwwwww :P


Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator
From Go-Quiz.com

Sunday, May 28, 2006


A segment from one of the encore songs we did at the Heartrock gig! Glenn asked me to come up, I forgot the lyrics of Noypi so I kept lookin at the lyric sheet lol! Glenn will upload the rest the following days, stay tuned! I'm getting my sleep now! Zzz!

You can check out Mesh Potatoes' cover of Even Flow here. The rest of the videos you can check here

There are some pics in pinoysg.com as well.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sneaky sneaky

Blogging at work har har har! Wow this is a nice place! Everybody seems so nice to me! (Their smiles somehow equate to.. "At last, someone we can pass work to..."). Got acquainted with a few Pinoy's here. Told me I'm assured that this company isn't going down, being a subsidiary of Mediacorp and all, and being government owned. My first task, documentation! Bwahaha! I'll have the burden for two weeks before taking on real action, a project they call 1-Ops. Sounds covert to me.

In other news, we finally got a place in Pasir Ris. We'll be moving in real soon (June 3). I'm very excited because the place rocks! There's a beach (though I wouldn't expect that much, probably similar to Sentosa beach). At least (..someone passing from behind, MINIMIZE!)..

..that place is better than the one's we've checked out before. Kudos to my buddies Hermes and Joel for all our troubles getting this deal.

I've had no decent sleep since Tues, and will probably be missing out on X-Men until next week. My friends here are watching it on Friday though. Aargh and there's Silent Hill that I have yet to watch! And there's gig on Sat! And jamming later! Lyrics to memorize! It's cold in here! I should've worn long sleeves! Why am I shouting! Err.

Ok, 2 pages.. good progress (pat's myself in the back)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Get down

These guys are at it again hehehehe! Their first is still the best though lol!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Too tired to write a blog so I'll just post these pictures up..

Packed my stuff bound for S. The suitcase is packing 5 tech books, besides the 3 I've already brought over. They're good paperweights.

A last good look at my PC. Setup with vnc and hamachi so I can control it from S. A good alternative to bringing over a hard drive packed with pirated stuff.

These are not mine. I feel like a rockstar bringing these though (with matching guitar)

Arrived! (I was actually strolling back and forth until I got a decent shot of myself bwahahah)

The taxi driver and I were laughing all the way to Choa Chu Kang. I have no idea what he was talking about though (sounds English but way too fast and too Chinese).

Driver: qwueiqwjfbhjhajsdh HAHAHA
Me: ehrmmm.. HAHAHAH
Driver: hsajdhasd? ashdjasdk. HAHAHAHA

..went on for 30 mins or so until I got off.

Squatter me, sharing the room with a friend.. too tired to unpack.

From up here, nice view of the.. uhh.. swimming pool ;)

This will be my last McSpicy meal. It was too spicy (duhhhh)

Was rushing because I was late to meet a friend, cut myself a bit while shaving.

Ok it wasn't a "bit". I actually took a good bleeding. At least now I'm getting noticed, in the MRT lol :P

My future housemates Hermes (the pioneer, but is due to be booted out of his hdb this june) and Joel (he's currently living in a makeshift gas chamber with 7 other guys from a country with the first letter starting in "I"). We desperately need that new place.

Oh yeah, it's "Raining" because it's raining outside, and I'm going to sleep now zzzzzzzzz

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Friday, May 19, 2006

Getting By

I needed a new guitar case, because the old one was, well.. old, and one of the straps snapped, so it was a good excuse to replace the whole thing :P I used a pink paper string that I found on my drawer (apparently left by my cousin for her gift designs or something like that) and traced the length of the guitar. I cut the paper string to the correct length and pocketed it; off I went..

Halfway to my destination though..

Tank's running low! Yeah!

Somehow the traffic got worse, the fuel-low light was brighter then ever hehe..

So I decided to slow down and enjoy the view. Hmm, Makati was the same when I left it, feels like second home. I'll get a condo here someday (probably in 70 years or so)

It's about time a gas station showed up. I can almost feel the engine chugging..

I loaded up P500 worth of gas. Based on my previous near stall experiences (which are about twenty to date, including this one), 500 should've loaded me past the halfway pointer, but that's not the case here..

But it all made sense when the price board greeted me P41.50. It was 2 pesos higher the last time I checked.. $%^@#%$^@#$)*@#

Anyway since I'm in Makati, I decided to drop by my former office's building, to check out the... uhmm... if I can get past security :P I parked inside the building..

And made it a point to visit the post..

.. I scratched a few years ago. My rear left fender and this post go a long way back. Don't even ask, ok I'm telling you, I was sleepy. Period :P

I got past security, and met eight former colleagues. So much for my covert operation. Anyway, I went straight to the mall to do my stuff. I parked underground, and had to use the emergency exit because the elevator was taking too long! (Ok this blog is taking too long as well hahhaa, I pity you for reading this far :P)

Reached my destination, RJ Music Store..

Reached for my pocket but.. I had the string that I cut and the original string I cut it from. Now isn't that stupid; there was an excess length on the other string that could possibly be the correct length of the guitar. (This goes to show how ignorant I am with my own guitar :P)

I took the shorter string and decided that's the way to go.. (the string in this picture is not stretched, thus it looks short)

Went to McDonald's and ordered my default meal, Chicken Sandwich Value Meal + Milo.

Got home and fortunately the string I chose was the correct match. We all get by, everyday. Hehe ;)

Thursday, May 18, 2006


This baby has been in stasis for 3 weeks..

So I took 'er out for a spin, after eating breakfast (I have no idea what those sort-of-leaves on top are, but they're delicious)..

And as I presumed, there has to be an accident outside waiting to be seen in rural Cavite.. (Pardon my photo aiming skills, I was driving mind you :P )

This truck (my dad told me when I got home) fell on its side by ITSELF after swerving violently, perhaps trying to avoid something.. (hmm, most likely a pedestrian). Here's another closer view (equally worthless aiming)..

It's a good thing (or is it?) my car will be in stasis for a year. At least not forever, as that truck is now.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


If you ever get a chance to drop by Starbucks Podium, you may see one of these guys. Say hi, you'll never realize how much effort they go through to make your coffee. Vanilla frap for me! Pronto! jk :P

Used: Faber-Castell 6B Wood Pencil, Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sweat drink

I was at Duty Free earlier this afternoon and saw this in the grocery..

I held it up and the liquid inside was a bit translucent, and there was Japanese/Korean writing around it. I had to assume though that this is an energy drink because of its color, but the term "sweat" was too funny to ignore hehe. I was almost certain it was a very huge printing mistake when I saw this ("sweet")..

Ahh, a drink that looks or probably tastes like sweat, that would've been fun. Why would anybody drink it? You probably don't even have to drink it, you just splash it all over you and you'd look like you've run a couple of laps or so. People must be buying this stuff because there's a lot of space in it that section. Perhaps the Japanese have gone even crazier the last time they created a tissue holder on your head.

That fancy ended when I got home and to my dismay, saw this. Apparently, I have nothing better to do today but mull over it :P I need to watch the Japanese channel more, and write better blogs. I'm really bored :O

Monday, May 15, 2006


This was a gig in Music Museum with my first band Ledge. From left to right are Mond (lead), Jen (vocals, back vocals), Jonas (drums), me (the dorky looking guy with the baggy pants), Jason (bass), and Raizza (guitars).

I think this was the first original song we did. Obviously I fancy very lonely songs :P

Ashes (full song mp3 link here)

Sitting on the ashes of the world
Making love to please my time
And slowly burning
Waking up to find you
How many times, too many ways
And the world keeps changing

And I feel with the lights left on
I'm hoping that you've run
And I feel with your suitcase gone
You're willing to move on

The bitterness, to end this cup of loneliness
I was all that made you mine
So spin me out in the corner alone
And erase this sh*t that we carved in stone
Won't even try to mend all this pain


Don't let me down
All my feelings my, heart breaking down
All my feelings my, heart's torn around
All my feelings

Bong Jovi

We did this originally for the Starkiller production, ONLY. However we ended up playing two more because the crowd was getting rowdy everytime we play it. It got to a point that the audience were raising their lighters up in the air! We decided to stop because our direction was towards original songs. If we kept this up, we'd have been famous, for playing a cheesy Bon Jovi song haha! Those were one of the best times though :) Enjoy :)

Glass Wall Project

This is a rough recording of a song I did a while back. Haven't had time to polish it (the vocals almost broke up towards the end hahaha! err hmmm). Wait for the bar to load up towards the end..

Glass Wall Project

As the picture fades
Hanging on the wall
On our separate ways
But we see it all

All the years we've known
Giving all this space
If we stay alone
We'll be okay

And I see your stars
They light my way
When we're done and gone
Let's call that longing
A takeaway

How I long to stop
Repeating all my days
Watching all that love
As it goes both ways

We'll be waitin' here
A world each on our sides
And take through the years
Shrink to a day
Before we realize

Chorus 1

We'll keep our longing
Safe and brave

Saturday, May 13, 2006

I have erased all my previous posts because they're way too geeky.. on another note, here's a picture of me holding a guitar.