Friday, December 15, 2006

1-Net WASS

Yesterday our team went to watch Eragon at the Cathay Cineplex. Here's a picture taken by the "pink tree" hehe

Oh, and don't bother watching Eragon. It sucks! Sienna Guillory made it bearable to watch though..

Myst Revelation

Got myself an early bday/christmas present..

I remember buying Myst Riven back in college. (Shucks that was an original copy as well). This one was released almost two years ago, and made a mental note to pick it up *someday* .

Let the insanity (and sleepless nights) begin.

This will have to wait until next year though (hmm I make it sound like it's so far away). I'm going home tomorrow yey!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Divert The Typhoons to Singapore I Beg You

I have many reasons to be angry today

  • missed dinner
  • missed songwriting class
  • the teacher didn't buy my idea of recording the whole session as mp3
  • all this because of a bug that eluded me the whole day
  • had me going back to Bedok from City Hall
  • the bus stopped at every stop light (why didn't they just name it the "go" light)
  • people from the pinoyITdotSG mailing list who just wouldn't stop yelling at each other because of some misunderstandings over the current state of roads at Lucena
  • I said Milo "NO ice" (didn't bother to ask for another one, too tired)
  • people who keep bugging me
  • people whom I want to bug me but do not give a damn
  • people who don't stick to what they say the first time
  • people

Petty stuff.

Good thing it rained very hard goin home. It does a very good job of camouflaging sounds emanating from my mouth as I sing along to some songs playing on my phone hahaha!


Sunday, December 10, 2006

And the winner is..

If you recall, I installed Vista on my laptop.. err Amano, and toyed with the idea of doing gadgets (those thingies on the right hand side of the Vista desktop). Anyway, this Microsoft dude who came over to the office mentioned that there's a contest here in Singapore for gadgets. I checked the site and lo and behold, a contest. Ahehe.

A week or two later, I had a working gadget.

It's a radio gadget that plays your favorite Mediacorp radio stations online. There's also a ticker that shows you the current playing song and its artist (not supported for some stations though). I don't listen to radio that much (at least here in Singapore), until this. I've been using this gadget like crazy. With this I don't have to wait for the DJ to mention what song he played or was about to play. Plus, I can turn off the audio anytime and still get updated with the songs currently playing in the station. So if the ticker displays "Dig - Incubus", I can listen to it instantly by clicking play. Sweet!

As a pre-requisite to the contest, I submitted it to Live Gallery. It's here if you want to see it. Props to "Buttercookiez" for helping me out with the design. (She has too many stalkers). Obviously, you can't install this without Vista. That goes for 99.9% of you reading this haha!

Everything was ready for contest submission, but... I WAS NOT ABLE TO SUBMIT IT. The freakin' submit form on the contest site is broken. Deadline was yesterday. I'm having doubts if the contest is still on. I don't see anyone in the Live gallery with a "bog_" tag in it to indicate it's a contest entry. Hmm, I've no need for an HP iPaq (worth $1200) anyway. I can write on my palm anytime (yes, my palm as in the one that's part of my hand).

UPDATE: Microsoft called me last Dec 15 and told me to resubmit. They moved the deadline to Dec 31.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What Could Have Been

This... mediocre alternative
Is not what I had in mind
(So I thought) I'ts a shame that I let you know
That I always think of
What could have been
What could have been
What could have been
What could have been

Not worth pursuing.

Friday, December 01, 2006


Went to Toys 'R Us last Thursday at Tampines Mall. Actually I went there only for the pizza in Pastamania, but figured I'd do some toy window shopping and pretend someone *winks* will actually buy me some of these for Christmas..

For those who watch the old cartoon series, Bumblebee is supposedly a yellow Volkswagen. However in this toy version I think he's a Chevy Camaro(?). Probably to be in sync with the upcoming movie.

Good ol' Starscream niceeee! His design hasn't changed much..

And the uber-villain, revamped nicely too, Megatron..

Hmm, I just realized, these toys can pose very well, unlike the Transformers I had when I was a kid, which were all stiff and straight, so that they can "transform" correctly. Just look at Optimus Prime.. posed for action

For a CHEEEAAAAAP price, you can make a kid happy.

Ahhh Monopoly.. there's a Singapore version??

..then this one must have higher mortgage fees. No thanks lol.

Yey Lego Technic! I started with these when I was in Grade 6. This version was revamped as well.

A cool looking "magnet snap in" figure toy, reminds me of Dungeons and Dragons..

WOw a remote controlled aerial-terrestrial craft!

This raptop is big, I wish they had a demo toy to see this in action..

And of course, Darth Maul's doublebladed saber!

When I got out of the toy store, all stalls were closed already lol. Must've been there for 2 hours! After I got home, reality got the best of me. I unpacked stuff I bought at the Sitex. A boring gray brick called Maxtor.

It's December. I'm getting older again. *sigh* :P

The Victim

*for my perusal only, this post will be edited often

The Victim

I avoid your eyes they emit a certain glow
Your lips they talk of stuff I didn't know
These hands shackled by your riddled tests
My soul's been bargained beyond eternal rest

Let Get me off this cage
Do you feel the same?

I don't want to be your victim
Let me off these chains
You use a smile that's lyin'
To drag me down that place

(What would I do if I knew
that you are a victim too)


I can always turn this thing into hiphop if i want it...