Monday, June 26, 2006

Extraordinary People

June 17. Rock D' Fort.. I took this picture onstage before we played...

June 20. Microsoft Technical Briefing.. Took this before we entered the auditorium...

June 24. Joseph Musical @ the Orchard.. actor looking up...

June 24. Street band in front of Paragon (we were supposed to play that day here as well). Yeah he's lookin' up too...

Nice symmetry.. of different people eh? ;)

And here's another batch of extraordinary people who rock!

- Joann and Marlon @ the Microsoft Technical Briefing..

.. they're not sleeping, they're just camera shy.

- Edgie, on guitars @ Rock D' Fort (Mesh Potatoes)

- Allan, on guitars @ Rock D' Fort (Mesh Potatoes)

- Celes (in green), on bass @ Rock D' Fort.. camera shy too haha! (Mesh Potatoes)

- Norman, on vocals @ Rock D' Fort (Mesh Potatoes)

- Glenn, on drums @ Rock D' Fort (Mesh Potatoes)

- Juan, on bass during jamming practice (The Woohoos)

- Cheng, on keyboards during jamming practice (The Woohoos)

- Ling, on guitars during jamming practice (The Woohoos)

- Poging Glenn, after jamming practice, enjoying drinks (The Woohoos)

- Joel and Carol @ Food Republic Wisma Atria. (Lagot ka pare inakbayan ka o)

- Me and Baja @ Food Republic Wisma Atria. (Hindi ako lagot, no akbayans)

- Me at Sony Gallery Wisma Atria, playing PSP (bibilhan ako ni Marie nito balang araw)..

- And of course, the grand daddy of all grand daddies.. Hermes P.R. (title yan ala M.D. ika nga sa doctor), playing PSP..

*These pictures have been uploaded without consent. If there are any complaints... forget it I'm not taking any of these down lol!

Monday, June 19, 2006


This was from the Rock D' Fort gig @ Fort Canning yesterday. Eh if you're not familiar with the song (Ordertaker - Parokya ni Edgar), don't click.. please :P

"don't make me hungry, you won't like me when i'm hungry..."

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Deafness and Amnesia

There's this continuous ringing in my left ear, caused by too much loud noise from band practice. So if we're having a conversation and I keep asking "what?", you know why.

As I mentioned, I went to Bugis last Thursday. I looked around and eventually bought some stuff. I went to a building called "Icon" across the street from the mrt mall (I call it that if it's the mall right after going out the mrt hehe). It's a 6-storey mall with small stalls inside. I bought some stuff there and got these raffle coupons..

That's 6 people going to Korea wooohooo! Err, if I win lol. I asked the tenant why Korea.. "That's where all this stuff came from". Hmm I'd like to believe that, but he also told me his is "the only store" giving out those coupons. I'm beginning to wonder if my accent is giving me out. Once I start talking it's obvious I'm non-Singaporean. I didn't mind though, I got a good bargain, so it's still that at the end of the day.

Went back to the mrt mall and saw this ice cream stall with a line piling up..

Their ad dares you to try their "wasabi" ice cream. I was intrigued, but I didn't get that. I bought the "sesame" instead..

Hmm, nothing stellar about it. In fact it was too small for $4.90. I should've gotten the wasabi instead. Stupid.

Anyway, right in front of it was a barbershop, I needed haircut anyway so I decided to give it a try. The ad claims they'll cut your hair in 10mins. I decided to watch how it works first, while eating ice cream outside..

..You insert $10 bill on the machine, ticket comes out, wait for your turn, give the ticket to the barber (which is a lady), and she'll probably try her best to finish in 10mins lol!

barber: high slope or normal slope?
me: (confused) slope where?
barber: (confused) high slope or normal slope?
me: just make it short
barber: high slope or..
me: normal slope.

that's like 15 seconds already lady. *lol. she cut it for 15mins and a half or so. i'm impressed, it IS short hahaha! The next morning, people were looking at me in the mrt (again), and the lady at the cafe counter was smiling. I was thinking to myself if it was that short? When I went to the toilet, I saw a small leaf lodged between my hair spikes. THAT, was embarassing lol!

It's been difficult to get wifi signal lately..

NOTE: the pillow is absolutely necessary :P

Some other stuff:

- Ling lent me her multi-fx for the guitar. I'd be recording some stuff soon.

- saw "Silent Hill" last night. This movie was hyped up really good. DONT watch it.

- This is where we'll be playing tonight at Fort Canning, haven't memorized all of the lyrics yet *lol. I'd end up forgetting after 20 mins anyway, so what the heck :P

If you absolutely have to know why I'm going deaf, check out Mesh Potatoes band practice.. (Parokya ni Edgar's "Ordertaker" - a tagalog spoof of System of a Down's "Toxicity" and "Chop Suey"). You can't see it, but we're jumping up and down as we're playing this *lol.

And if you have to know why I have amnesia.. the Even Flow cover is a good example. Believe it or not half the time I was singing nonsense *lol. I'm pretty sure I'll mess up again later. It's all fun though :)

Friday, June 16, 2006


Wow blog traffic is picking up eh? Who are you guys? Use the tagboard! Lol, just kidding. I won't be posting anything useful today. Probably Saturday. I went to Bugis last night, and I was supposed to check out this bar called "Gashaus". I ended up checking out the stores by the mrt, getting a very short haircut, and buying japanese ice cream (that's a bit overrated, in my opinion). Tonight will be Mesh Potatoes' last jamming practice before the Rock d Fort gig on Sunday. It's a bit weird to be playing purely Tagalog songs in front of a mixed audience. But that's what we're instructed to play so..

I badly need to watch a movie.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Not sure if it's already rainy season here, but it's been raining a lot lately. I prefer rain than a hot summer sun. But there are occassions when you wish it would just stop :P

Next time I'm taking the taxi..

Yesterday I cooked Menudo for lunch..

(... yeah those are real fruits, we don't eat them, we display them until they rot)

All smiles man! (Menudo life expectancy: 5mins)

We decided to watch Omen that night. That never happened. Instead Joel and I went for a field trip to Tiong Bahru and back. Here's Joel impersonating the "Green Emergency Man"..

Here's Joel again calling his wife from the phonebooth..

"uhh yeah i'm still in the office, the boss says i can go home by 1130"..

Making up dialogues on the adjacent booth hehe..

Joel caught me counting stuff.. first salary (life is hard)..

taped these into $1 bundles. perhaps i'll annoy people with this..

taxi driver: eh, what's this?
me: dunno man, some lady from the grocery gave these as change, just passing it on..

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Useless! Piece! Of! TiSHH!

We just moved in to our new home last Saturday in Pasir Ris. I was eager to park my stuff in the room. Joel took the master bedroom (he already spent the night there before I came). I let Hermes take the bigger of the two common rooms (he's PR, he deserves it). Mine wasn't really that small, I can walk three steps.. err sideways, before bumping into a wall (lol!). Anyway, since Singapore has that three-pin configuration in their electric sockets, I made it a point to buy a multi-socket two-pin extension cord, Pinoy style, for some of my electronic stuff (i.e. cellphone charger.. err that's basically it). It came pretty cheap, and I was happy.

I took out my charger to try the extension out, it was a bit tight though, and I had to force it real good to... SNAP! ok, that went in, but I was certain something inside the extension broke, or folded of some sort. (It was at this point I knew I had another blog entry in the making).

So I decided to open it up and check it out. This swiss knife Marie gave me was making itself useful on day 1 eh..

Turned out that the part I forced actually folded in. They don't come cheap for no reason. I folded that part back, and reconfigured the rest to "loosen up".

Apparently, the Pinoy style socket pins are farther apart, and will definitely not fit into the extension I bought. It's fixed now. So I moved on to unpacking..

My mom's digicam, she's not using it. So I stole it bwahahah! (Casio Exilim 2MP)

That's what a Singtel topup card looks like (lol). Ok I'm flaunting the camera, really. (There have already been three occassions in its lifetime that I was approached just to check the camera out... the chances of it being a girl looks promising... hmm... Marie won't be too delighted lol! jok lang!)

Anyway, I had to test it if it's still working..

Ok I didn't really need to do that bwahahaa! DA GWAPINGS!!!...

Here's Joel trying out the internet... of our neighbor..s :P

The gas cylinder's playing hide and seek with Eric Goh (in green), our agent.. (apparently it wasn't installed, so we called up the gas guy... pun intended)

Went last Sunday to Bar None to go see Bamboo and Concave Scream with my "woohoos" bandmates Glenn and Ling.. (more info and pics of that gig on Glenn's blog)

Next morning it was back to work again. Made good progress on the documentation stuff (1 more week to go). Our team (in the office) actually went to see "The Benchwarmers". Your typical force-yourself-to-laugh-hard type of movie, but it wasn't that bad either. At least I got to mingle with my officemates a bit more. There'll be more mingling on Friday, for the Foosball competition lol. Soccer's pretty big here. Probably as big as basketball back home, neither of which I play very well (if I play at all) hehehe.

Yesterday I went to Bedok to buy some bathroom stuff (i.e. toilet paper). Look what I found..

USELESS!!! bwahahah! I bought it, in every sense of the word. Later.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Twilight Zone

I woke up from a weird dream today. Some lady was firing a machine gun at me. Not weird really, it's becoming a series of episodes that I get to watch. Problem is, I'm developing a good set of eye bags.

Anyway, I decided to make my own ham and cheese sandwich, so I bought stuff from the grocery, and bought a box of ziplock bags. Thought I should take pics and share this boring stuff on my blog.

Now just had to put 'em in ziplocks, and I should be on my way..

Eh, what's this???

F$#@&$@*#&$(@#$!!!!! How can they make such small ziplock bags! Marketing ploy! Had to think fast.. hmm they would actually fit in these if I let my imagination get the most of it..

Ah never mind. Remember when you need stuff when you're outside and 7-Eleven is always around the corner ?

Still the same benefit indoors! Chucked it in..

Somehow this photoshoot still turned out to be interesting don't u agree, in a stupid kind of way lol! :P

And now some other stuff..

- a pic of Glenn and me in Dhoby Ghaut waiting for the other mesh guys before the Heartrock gig..

- the company bought a foosball table this week. Fil vs Chi -> 1-0 (as far as me, Marlon, and Peter are concerned lol!)

My bestfriend, probably until Christmas..

- subscribed to this service that would allow me to track people with same musical interests. allows people to see what i'm listening to right now (also see profile on the right)

- looking forward to watch The Benchwarmers with officemates tomorrow.. still haven't watched Xmen, i'll be THE LAST STANDing guy to have NOT watched Xmen

- looking forward to jamming with the woohoos tomorrow. unfortunately i have not had much (err actually no practice, sorry guys) practice with the guitar parts. Ling has twenty fingers so she can manage :P

- brushing up my chinese (stuff to say on gigs). can't remember a thing ling and cheng taught me, except wo ai ni men (and women). Marie won't be happy lol.

- will try to find a nice pair of white sneakers today (again). Hermes is there to help.

- Nico has put the finishing touches on Undying that you can check out here. Wait for the lead after the 2nd chorus. Made from Utah.

Guess that's it for now. Wo Ai Ni Men (and Women!)