Friday, March 30, 2007


I have promoted Forgetting Luna once again, this is probably the 999999th band site I've uploaded our music to. But this new site is so cool, if you get people to buy "parts" (basically buying your music) and reach $50,000 (hahaha! laugh with me c'mon!), you can use the money to record in the studio and distribute your music! You just need "believers" to buy your music.

But the best part of this site is, from a geek's standpoint, its heavy usage of AJAX ;)

Believe now!

MSN Anonymous Contacts

Hmm, recently I've been getting a lot of add contact requests from people, well not a lot, but so far, four. Two of whom I know (in a "i-know-him/her-but-he/she-doesn't-know-me kind of way), and two others whom I DON'T KNOW.

They do seem to have valid names and are valid people (but I can only base this on their email address, which doesn't resemble anything like, which to me looks like spam).

Is there a virus at work here? Why am I making a fuss over this. Because I don't want to fill my contacts with RANDOM PEOPLE. It's not like MySpace or anything :P (If you do have MySpace, add us -, spam or not, you're invited haha).

Do let me know if you have encountered this. I'd like to think people are suddenly getting friendly with me, but I'm cynical.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Personal DNA Map

You can view the rest of the report here

Sunday, March 18, 2007

You Will Never Know, If You Never Try

SO.. After sleepless nights I've finally finished doing the traffic monitoring gadget. You can check it in Microsoft Singapore's Vista Sidebar page and look for the LTA Road Monitoring Gadget. (If you'll notice the radio gadget is also there :) For those without Vista..

After all the hard work, I took the initiative of rewarding myself with... (tanan tanan tanan tan taaaaan....)

A "Wow" tissue pack from the Vista promotion at the IT show.

It's not meant to be used. I will keep it. And someday it'll be worth a fortune. It'll make me rich. As rich as Bill Gates. Probably even richer.

(I'm also keeping a truckload of comic books and Magic trading cards, so yeah, I'll probably be richer).

When I become rich I'll buy everyone in the planet one of these..

Sony Ericsson W880i So Freakin Thin Walkman Phone with bluetooth headset, 2MP camera, 1Gig memory stick, 3G, sleek interface, and my most favorite part, the stainless steel casing!

I'm already dreaming up situations where this will be handy..

"Oh sorry was that my phone I just inserted in the EzLink ticketing machine? Argh I never learn."

"I accidentally swallowed it once, but it didn't pose as a problem really. The bluetooth headset still worked and I can still make calls with voice recognition. I had to shout the names though, with the phone in my stomach and all."

"3G stands for 3 grams, stupid."

I have to get this phone.

I bought some new books..

Freakonomics talks mostly about relating unrelated stuff, focusing on aspects of morality and incentives, and how actual data/statistics play a role in that process of relating them. The proponent is an economist, but he likes to delve in topics of morality and incentives. Four chapters on, there's lots of information fed to the reader. Nothing wrong with that, I like those stuff, but the arguments supported by those data is a bit trivial. And I'm getting that Malcolm Gladwell "deja vu" feeling, the author of "The Tipping Point". I'm probably biased because I read that book first. I'm not yet finished reading the book, so hopefully there's something worth picking up before I put it down.

I saw this in the bookstore and I was quickly intrigued by the book text format (aside from the "international bestseller" which almost always manages to catch my attention) - it's a compiled chat from a forum in Japan! It's about this nerdy young guy posting as "Trainman" who saved a girl from a drunk in the train. Pretty soon he was asking courting tips on the forum haha! The "damsel in distress" part in the train (hence the title "Trainman") reminds me of this Korean movie "My Sassy Girl", which got me started with Korean stuff! Haha! Anyway Cheng said this book was popular in TW. I'm sure it'll be a good read, it's like reading straight from a chat forum! How geekier can that get! O_O'

Some pictures before my boss left..

In the office..

At Joaqium in Suntec Convention Center, farewell lunch (porridge buffet)..

Lucy caught me taking pics of the food haha!

Food I was taking pictures of..

I like the Ikan Bilis ("Dilis") above. I can't remember the rest haha! I just eat it :P

The one below is a glutinous ______ . It is pleasantly sweet, reminds me of "champorado" in the Philippines.

Ok since I got the ball rolling with food pics, might as well post more food wahahaha

Me and the guys have been eating at a japanese teppanyaki restaurant in Tampines Mall during lunch, always worth the trip..

Here's our grumpy cook. I doubt he uses the internet, so yeah, he's GRUMPY...

..but cooks damn well! (in case he has a son/daughter/apprentice cook who's internet savvvvvy).

Hey I make people famous, this blog gets 12 million (imaginary) hits mind you!

On with the food..

The gigantic popcorn I ate while watching "300" (which by the way is a kickass movie)..

PizzaHut's new Hollywood Beef Pan Pizza (from their American Superstars category)..

is NOT GOOD. I had to take home half of it, and had to force myself eating the rest in a span of 4 days. After eating everything, I can confidently conclude that it is NOT GOOD. Don't eat it. But if you're hard headed and happened to order one, and realized it was a mistake, you can call me up and I'll finish it for you. Ok I'm confusing you haha. Seriously, NOT GOOD.

Cray Fish Ramen + Fried Tofu from Ajisen..
(please approach closer until your nose touches the screen, this picture is small)

Anyway, I went to Kinokuniya and saw this book about how to think up blog topics..

..and found the title to be stupid. People DO CARE what I had for lunch c'mon I just posted a bunch of them and I bet you we're salivating hahAhAHAha! Right right???

(met with silence).


I turned to the back cover and realized this book is really mocking me!

In case you don't have a 30/30 vision, I'll type it out for you..

Millions of people are blogging today, and most of us could use a better material. We apologize for "how long it's been since the last post," offer halfhearted complaints about "not feeling like posting today," and desperately begin to catalog our lunch orders. Ham and cheese?

How about that.

I will end this post with a funny billboard ad I saw in Tampines MRT.

Poor guy. The girl is looking away, she's certainly NOT INTERESTED. I'm almost tempted to say "Ignorance is bliss" hahaha!

See you guys in a week.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Mond just sent me a bunch of pictures we took during our Forgetting Luna gigs. I'll just post one here hehe.

From left to right: Alan (guitars), Mond (bass), Me (Lip-sync), Nico (guitars), Jon (percussions, in this case a "kahon")

This was an acoustic gig of some of our original songs, which in my opinion turned out to be f*ckin awesome. The calamari was great too.

See you guys soon.


I have not been getting enough sleep for about a week now.

I hope to get my reward soon.... XBXBXBXBXBXBXBXBXBXBX

Then more sleepless nights hahahaha!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Feeling The Ground Beneath Me Blindly

Not so long ago, I blogged about my boss, who I look up to and keeps me pretty well grounded with my current company. I guess you can say that I work for him, and not necessarily for the company.

Well, he's abandoning ship.

It's like being slapped out of dreamland. That's how I really felt.

You know what they say, "People leave the company because of their bosses."

Taken on a slightly different context, it is still a surprisingly valid explanation.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I Caught A Van Gogh Today

I caught this view while walking home a few hours ago..

Actually I've taken many pictures from the same spot during nights while walking home (yeah I had to look around first, else people will think it's weird). This picture is different from the rest though, because it has the moon in it. And that made all the difference, for me to finally understand why I was drawn to the damn thing..

Van Gogh's "The Cafe Terrace.."

This is my most favorite painting, by Van Gogh

I hope that moon stays there for a long time :)

Some bonus bits about my classical heroes:
  • Van Gogh - gone mentally haywire in later parts of his life, cut off his ear at some point.
  • Edgar Allan Poe - afflicted with various diseases, and was said to have committed suicide.
  • Chris Cornell - suffered severe case of depression during teenage years. But it doesn't count, we all go through that. Oh and he's not classic, because he ain't dead yet :P

Friday, March 02, 2007

Geek Guitar

OMG isn't this the geekiest thing ever!!! Though I still hold the "binary watch" on the top spot.. well, hmm now I'm reconsidering..


(This blog is getting geekier every day wahahaha!)