Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Wasabi Ice Cream

Remember when I said I "should've gotten the wasabi instead" ? I'm taking it back...

What was I thinking.. that somehow it'd taste like mint, because it's green?? Well it tasted what it should taste like... wasabi.. only cold haha! :P

This girl didn't like it either. But this other girl did.

  • Cost of Wasabi ice cream : $3.50 + .00001 kilojoules of energy ditching it to the trash bin.
  • Getting that "yuuuck" + contorted face reaction when you tell your friends you ate the stuff: PRICELESS!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Why We're A$$holes

By "we", I am referring to guys in general. I think I need to write this down because I get asked a lot about situations (that I have not necessarily been in) about guy behavior that irks women. These are actual questions based on friends' inquiries, male and female. They somehow think I know about a lot of this stuff or something, haha! If you see your question here, do not retaliate, you will be identified only as "F" or "M" :P

F: There's this new guy in the office who's giving me special attention. He's been telling me about his whole life for a week now, so it makes sense that I open up to him as well. I was starting to like him, then suddenly he stopped, and now I see him talking to another girl in the office, and I think it's not polite that he's ignoring me all of a sudden. Did I do something wrong?

Dr Luvvv: The simplest answer is no. I guess the only fault here is you fell too easily for the guy. Him sharing his life story and all is no indication that he's interested in you. On the contrary, guys would share very minimal, if at all, life stories to a girl he's interested in, because giving out too much is much similar to setting up traps for himself. So him giving you the "open book" treatment is probably a very friendly approach. As for him talking to the other girl, don't fret, wait another week or two and he'll probably be talking to another girl, until he finds the one he's really interested in.

F: I always catch this guy doing quick glances at me, what's up with him. I'm confused.

Dr Luvvv: Shame on you for getting confused. There's nothing wrong at quick glances, you're lucky he's looking at your face, not at some other body part or something. Anyway, we cannot dismiss the fact that he probably finds you attractive, the correct reaction then would be "flattered". There's no need for you to be confused, unless you find him interesting, right? So how do you catch him looking at you anyway, you're probably looking at him too. You two perverts.

M: Oh no she's online, what do I do?? What do I do??

Dr Luvvv: You obviously want her attention, log in and off continuously until she notices and tells you there must be something wrong with your messenger. At that point, stopping the process would give you away, so be prepared with a valid reply i.e. "Wow you fixed it, so what are you doing now?". Chances are she will set her status to "Away" or worse "Offline" to get rid of you. There's always next day.

M: We we're getting along well in the office, she even passes by occasionally by my cubicle. Then we went out for a movie and I also treat her for dinner. After that she's changed and will not talk to me anymore. I'm ignoring her completely too, it's her loss.

Dr Luvvv: Yeah yeah her loss whatever. This question should be directed at women, so my crack at it is, the movie and dinner thing was probably YOUR idea, and somewhat imposed it on her. She agreed to it because she thinks you're a nice FRIEND. But somehow during the evening she felt differently. As my other friend always say.. "Never be a friend in the beginning if you want more than that". I think there's a movie based on that idea too, you should've watched that instead of "Brokeback Mountain".

M: I was sitting in the bus right, at the back, then suddenly this nurse chick came up and sat almost near to me, and it was like, whoa it's my lucky day. It didn't even stop there, she asked for directions man! So I gave her the directions to the hospital and that was that. But you wouldn't believe what happened the next day, she was on the same bus I was riding! It was her who noticed me and tugged at my clothes, so we sat together and talked. It was surreal man I'm telling you. Then it was time for her to get off at the hospital, and I didn't miss the chance, I asked her for her number. But she just giggled and said, "If you get lost inside the hospital, you know where to find me." It's killing me, what does it mean? Should I go over there and tell her I'm love sick or something?

Dr Luvvv: Does your girlfriend even know about this?

...aaaaand that's all for now. Time to do some laundry.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Stuff I Don't Really Need

But ended up buying anyway..

  • 48 Laws Of Power

My book purchasing skills has eluded me again. This book is a bit unsettling, proposing brutal approaches to achieving power. "Pose As A Friend, Work As A Spy"... err, yeah whatever. I began to treat it as a humorous read instead of an inspirational one.

  • Useless Grocery

That thing sticking out is a Scotch Brite dry mop. This'll show the neighbor that mops don't have to be dull.. this one has a funky yellow and violet color combination. Mop that!

  • DVD player

Who would've thought I'd see a very cheap $50 dvd player in Paragon?? The place is draped in gold man, so yeah, this was unexpected.

  • Rice Cooker

This though was expected, I've been wanting to get one since I got here. Let the rice begin!

  • Sony Ericsson W800i

Ok, here's the story: I have a K700i I brought from the Philippines, but apparently the phone is "locked", meaning I can't use SG sim. My good friend Shih lent me his extra Nokia phone in the "meantime", because I was "planning" to have my phone unlocked anyway. Procrastination got the best of me, until my parents came over to visit me last week. "You mean you've been holding on to your friend's phone for almost 2 months now??? Have you no shame???!". I bought this the next day.

  • Sony VAIO FJ Series

Haha NOT!!!!! ..yet

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Ten Ten Ten Ten Ten Ten Ten Ten Ten Ten!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Singapore Idol Gayle Nerva

If you've been watching Singapore Idol, here's Gayle..

and here's Gayle.. with me bwahahaha!

This was taken on my first visit to Mediacorp. I was with Peter and Marlon in the canteen when all these Singapore Idol female contestants suddenly came in! Peter had to literally push me to take a picture with her because I was very *ehem* shy. Good luck Gayle!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Open Bar

Here are some cover songs we recorded in the office..
If you have any requests, please post :) Thanks!

(Edit: Here's the second take of wonderwall, not sure which is worse)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

I badly need a good, long uninterrupted sleep

My mind is in total chaos right now, I need to unload these to make room..
  • pay cheng for mini marshall amp
  • return shih's cellphone
  • unlock cellphone to allow SG sim BOUGHT new phone instead
  • inquire orchard hotel accomodation for parents
  • replace sole on leather shoes
  • better yet, buy new leather shoes
  • finish "documentation"
  • inquire hrm work for marie
  • fix lousy hang ten umbrella
  • buy new goggles
  • get gameboy from emms
  • find gameboy case GONE FOREVER
  • pay shih and co a visit
  • apply for credit card
  • buy Sony Vaio laptop (VGN-FJ78GP/B)
  • buy a good pair of sandals
  • buy additional towels
  • buy a new cellphone battery NO NEED
  • install Starhub internet connection
  • buy new black pants
  • inquire about university course
  • record stuff that has piled up on my cellphone
  • replenish BDO unit trust fund
  • inquire about singapore unit trust funds
  • buy gray jacket in tampines sports house
  • inquire about drum lessons
  • buy bicycle
  • buy dust cleaner
  • buy DVD player
  • buy rice cooker
  • send agency list
  • rip streaming video for Glenn
  • southpark avatar for Zul
  • silicone cover for W800i BOUGHT PHONE SOCKS INSTEAD
  • MMS/WAP for singtel
  • wash sneakers/rubber shoes
  • buy electric shave
.. better.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

How Not To Sleep

Last Wednesday I went to the Microsoft Remix with Joann and Thengli at the Old Parliament House. It was a nice white old building, supposedly with lots of history, but I didn't get to appreciate its past that much, probably because I wasn't paying attention to the memorabilia scattered around haha! I fancied the architecture instead, and with some good natural lighting too. (a-u-t-i-s-t-i-c)

... this is not a boring pic. It kicks ass :P Well actually, the party is inside one of the auditoriums.. disco lights and stuff..

Yeah right, those lights aren't movin'. Looks elegant though.

Here's Buttercookiez and Joann, all smiles :)

The conference went pretty well. That's all I'm going to say about that. (I promised myself not to turn this into another geekblog, so consider yourselves lucky :P)

Saturday morning Peter and I met at the office to record his all-time fave song, How's It Going To Be by Third Eye Blind. He set up some equipment for us to record. Being media company partner has its advantages hehehe..

I made sure I made myself useful while Peter was setting up.. so I took pictures of him while he's doing that bwahahah!

Here we are recording.. (Peter had to correct me a couple of times on the notes I'm singing, he doesn't want this song spoiled, perfectionist @&#$^@#$ :P)

Here's the stuff we recorded. (Edit: ourmedia is currently broken.. you can check Peter's blog for the recording). Peter's all time fave song "How's It Going To Be" by Third Eye Blind. If you listen carefully, you'll hear a cellphone ringing in the background. Nothing we can do about it now eh? Hehehe :P

That night Joel, Hermes and I watched Superman. Wicked!! Never thought they could pull another Superman movie (you know those try hard movie revivals). This movie nailed it. Ok I'm biased, but if you want my opinion, this is it hehe. A bit short on some action scenes but I guess if you had to put that much story in one movie then they're more likely to skip on some stuff. A sequel is inevitable for sure.

After dropping at Pasir Ris MRT, we bought some milk tea. I always go for strawberry (if there's no vanilla available). Obviously tired of walking, here's me and Joel sitting by the sidewalk pavement drinking milk tea..

And here's how Hermes drinks the stuff..

If I get more hits in this blog entry, it will be because of THIS picture bwahahaah!

Got home, time to park. Currently I have the whole living room to myself, so technically I have the biggest room in da haus!

After 1 hour...

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz...... Later.