Thursday, May 17, 2007


I am currently testing Wordpress.

Check the new blog update there.

Q. So are you moving out from blogspot permanently, and do we have to update our links?
A. Yes. and Yes.

Q. Why?
A. It's a geek-related answer. You can email me if you really want to know.

Q. How about the old entries? Are you leaving them here?
A. I've migrated all of them there too.

Q. Did something happen in your personal life, hence the sudden change?
A. You watch too much TV.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Operation Evacuation!

Ok so I arrived in the office to work early, now what??


Better :)

Hmm that was quick. My files in the PC.. err that's another story.

Monday, May 07, 2007

An Open Letter To Someone

Uh oh, I know you're reading my blog.

Thanks for today. It was uh.. therapeutic.

This one's for you.

Correct Usage Of You're and Your

Yeah, go back to the email you sent me today, prick.

(Don't you just hate blogs :P)

Friday, May 04, 2007

New Security Measures For Hand Carry Luggage Departing Singapore

"ORGANIZE or you don't fly lah!!"

Just kidding.. full details here

Red Carpet for Singapore Vista Gadgets

Hmm they're really pushing this one.. (click picture below to view the whole ad)

Now I'm wondering, what's keeping developers here in SG (Singaporeans and Filipinos alike) from creating their own gadgets. There's a ton of opportunity here! It's a freakin permanent advertising tool on the desktop!

Argh, I think I'm taking this too personal. Ha ha! I need to do something.

Ah Chris, you'll never learn :P

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Singapore ranks highest among world's fastest walkers

I always thought their escalators run faster than normal, now there's an actual study that shows Singapore as having the world's fastest walkers..

People were in the greatest hurry in Singapore. Following in their footsteps were the residents of Copenhagen and Madrid, the two fastest-paced European cities.

Read the full article here.


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

LOVE Community Launch

UPDATE: New pic below from Suzette of pinoyITdotSG.

I attended a geek event last Saturday set up by software communities here in SG specifically Microsoft product users. You can check the details here. Anyway, Shih and Joel (housemate) was there, and I met some new friends too. I didn't tell them that I'd be "somewhat" presenting in front in one of the talks. Though I didn't really talk, I just coded stuff and it was projected into the screen while my friend Edwin did the talking/explaining. Here are some pics (courtesy of Joel (housemate)) :P

The talk topic..

That's me behind Edwin, see my arching back. I'm camera shy wahaha!

Stuff I was coding, I originally typed in my blog site, but later changed it to :P

With Shih in Microsoft's pantry (I think I was saying something when Joel took the photo, else I won't be smilin' weird like this bwahaha)

With Jonathan, who frequents these kinds of geek events :P

They got a lot of freebies. I didn't! Anyway I'd like to thank Edwin for asking me to help out in the event, although I did more of a mess than help lol.

UPDATE: Another picture from Suzette from pinoyITdotSG. Thanks!

From left to right: Edwin, Me, Shih, Joel, Jonathan, and Lincoln